Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner Level Questions

What Are Solo Ads ?

Solo Ads are type of Email Marketing Advertising. A Solo Ads vendor sends targeted email to his/her mailing list with your link in it and everyone who opens email and clicks on the link will see the offer you are promoting causing you to get: visitors to your website, subscribers to your mailing list and possibly sales ?

What Must I Have To Run A Solo ?

You have to have a landing/squeeze page with Lead Magnet explaining what will the visitor get in exchange for his/her email address. That said, it’s preferable to have optin form so visitors can leave you their email address and/or their name.

A Thank You page on which the visitor who subscribed will be redirected.

Autoresponder/Email Marketing Software which you will use to send broadcast and Autoresponder sequence Promotional Mails to the leads you collected on your Squeeze Page.

Advanced Level Questions

Will you use my own email swipe copy ?

Yes, we most certainly will. However if we think that swipe is bad for our list, we reserve the right to change it completely or change only certain parts to get you better results and hurt our list less.

Do I need a tracking software?

If you don’t have one don’t worry. We can provide you with complete insight of all the clicks we delivered upon request.

Which offers convert the best with our traffic ?

Most of the offers in Wealth niche should give decent results. However there are dozen of different reasons why they wont and none of them is because of our traffic.

Do you guarantee sales ?

No one can guarantee sales. Those who do