About Us

We are a team of Internet Marketers and Developers who are dedicated to help other Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs in their Internet Marketing endeavors. With 9+ years of experience we are sure more than capable to provide quality human visitors to clients websites.

Yuhu d’ Ventura – Internet Marketer, Mentor and Guru since 2009.

Igor Petrovic – Senior PHP developer with 20+ years of experience in Web Development

Dejan Peki Stanojevic – who is in charge or developing websites using well known CMS scripts ( WordPress, Joomla )

Milos Radivojevic Randallf – who is master at guitar as much as he is master in System Administration

Marija Stevanovic – Internet Marketer and Master of Solo Ads !

Djordje Stevanovic“The All In One Man” ! I spent more than half of my life on a computer. I used to be a gamer and during that time I learned unbelievably much about Internet Marketing and Internet itself.