All the results of our clients are valid and can be proven upon request. There are no guarantees that you will get the same or similar results. Our traffic is one of the best in the industry and as such we deliver it to every client we work with.

Our guarantee is that all the visitors that you purchased will be delivered. What you do with them is 100% your responsibility.

We don’t guarantee Sales or Conversion Rate. We don’t know when will our subscribers purchase or convert. We make sales on a daily basis and that’s how we know that we have PROVEN BUYERS.

Our results doesn’t mean that anyone will get same or similar results. It means that our traffic BUYS and CONVERTS.

We reserve the right to begin sending visitors to the URL earlier than the provided date. Ideally you send your swipe through this form and we have the right to alter it if we find it bad for our list and/or your results. Please make your copy brief and to the point.

We are not accountable for technical problems you encounter with your business, hosting provider, server, email marketing software etc. This is solely your problem. It’s your responsibility to maintain your business.

No Refund Policy

We offer refunds only if the following occurs:

– Fail to deliver traffic bought.

If you are not 100 % sure that you want to purchase traffic from us, then don’t purchase.

Email Marketing Freedom Disclaimer

Your server is 100 % your responsibility. We are not responsible if you ruin your servers reputation. We provided you with the best server we could and you are paying the monthly price accordingly to your servers quality. If you decide that our service is not good for you there are absolutely no refunds except in the case when we decide to not provide you our service.