Email Marketing Freedom

“Stop Depending On Third Party Email Platforms

That Can Get Your Account Banned

In No Time And Without Notice”

“Get Your Own Way Into Your Mailing Lists Inbox”

Dear Internet Marketer Friend,

If you are into Email Marketing then for sure you already know the importance of getting into your prospects Inbox. If you are not into it, soon enough, you will find out how much your business is losing without it.

It really doesn’t matter if you understand or not the importance of Email Marketing, what matters is that you need or will need or you needed it in the past.

Sure you can always use 3rd party platforms for your Email Marketing endeavors, but there are couple of significant problems if you choose the “easier” option.

These are the problems me and thousands of others Internet Marketers experienced at some point:

  1. Email Marketing Platform account get banned regardless of me doing something wrong or no.
  2. Emails still land into Spam Folder even though Email Marketing Platform promises you otherwise.
  3. Email Marketing Platform “FORCES” you to comply to their rules to get the results you can get on your own.
  4. I got banned before I sent my FIRST email. LOL ?

If you ever experienced any of these problems then “Good For You” that you came by this page. If by any chance your Email Marketing Platform didn’t ban you yet make sure to bookmark this page in case they do

What Are The Benefits Of Our Self Hosted Responder ?


Let’s be honest, you don’t want to take care of your business and let Aweber, TheConversionPros, ConvertKit, Getresponse decide HOW are you going to run it, right ?

Sign Up Today and save thousands of dollars.

The initial cost of your setup is $200
plus $70 monthly and it includes:

– Integration with any Email Marketing Platform
– VPS Installation and optimization
– Installation of the script
– IP Address Warm Up Guide

Monthly costs may vary and are based on different technical requests:

– Server monthly maintenance ( Depends on Sending Volume and the problems server encounters )

– Funnel changes requests ( We are not using any plugins to create funnels, we build them from scratch so any change in InstaBuilder, Clickfunnels etc funnels requires more work for us to remove the useless codes those scripts are making thus making your website professional )

Join Us Today And Get Your
Deserved Email Marketing Freedom
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