Shortcut To Email Marketing Success

Why should you choose Email Marketing as your main business model?

The answer is EASY: Email Marketing is the easiest business model EVER!

No AI, No creating videos and uploading on YT, No TikTok, No writing blogs, No BS’s, No hard work at all!  

You just buy solo ads, build your list, send emails to your subscribers…. 


1. You get Affiliate commissions during the process

2. You sell Solo Ads for more money

Let me give you an example.

Say you buy 100 solo ad clicks from a good vendor for $65.

As a result you get say only 30 subscribers.

(It’s conservative version, usually you get 40-50)

So now you have 30 real people on your list.

Say, only one of those 30 buy a $10 product from you.

Now you have 30 real people on your list and $10 back.

You are still in financial minus -$57

You start sending emails to your 30 subscribers.

One email daily with Affiliate offers 

That’s 30 emails in a month to one person, 900 emails total. 

Say only 2 of them buy $10 product from you. You are now in minus -$37.

You start selling solo ads for the same price you bought, $0.65 per click.

You send to your subscribers 1 email daily with the offer of your buyer(s).

Let’s again be conservative, say you get only 3-4 clicks from each subscriber in the first month, that’s 100 clicks total.

You earned an additional $65 and covered cost of the solo ad you purchased.
So now you are in profit $30 in one month from only 30 subscribers.
$1 per subscriber per month, that’s the approximate value of a good subscriber.

Now imagine having 3,000 subscribers on your list. Or 10,000.
That’s $3k per month, or $10k per month, right?
For sitting on your couch and sending emails.  

Not bad, right?

I just wanted to give you a clue on how E-Marketing works.

In practice it’s a little bit harder,  there are some more things to learn and to do, but it isn’t much harder.

Like in anything, there are 3 steps to Email Marketing Success:

1. Learn

2. Apply what you have learned

3. Make money

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Yuhu d’ Ventura

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