What Is Solo Ad Traffic ?

Solo Ad Traffic is traffic source on demand. You are contacting Solo Ad Vendor directly or through some platform and negotiate about price, Tier 1 %, Overdelivery ( Bonus clicks on purchased clicks )

If you are searching Solo Ad Traffic sources on Facebook and it’s groups ( there are literally hundreds of them ) you might end up finding good and bad vendors, so there you must be very careful.

Once you pick a vendor do your research about him or her. See how long is he/she in Solo Ads Business, when was account created, search for previous testimonials of that seller, see how many testimonials he or she has.

When you think that you found a good seller search for him on google. Just type a name and add solo ads. ( Example: Marija Solo Ads ). You should, but not necessarily, find that vendor right away. But if his/her website is well optimized ( most of them are ) you will find them in no time

Udimi here is paid ad as you can see that Ad next to their domain name.

You can see that second two results are one from Facebook group which promotes us because of our quality and third result is our website: mastersoloads.com.

Good Solo Ad Traffic is not that hard to find. We are one of the best providers in the industry and that’s not said by us. On the link above you can see hundreds of honest testimonials.

Now we are not getting much testimonials because we have so many clients that we work with and they’re spreading word about traffic.

Why do they spread the word ? Because our traffic IS THAT GOOD !

Bookmark our website in case you might need invaluable information about everything considering solo ads and more !

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