4 Things to have before running Solo Ads Campaigns

My name is Djordje ( English: George ) and I’ve been in Solo Ads and Internet Marketing world actively for two years, inactively around nine. Let me try to help you and guide you through Solo Ads. In the future posts you will read a lot of cool content which will clarify your picture of Solo Ads and hopefully bring you more success.

Lets dive right into it…

4 Things You Must Have Before Running Solo Ads Campaigns

Traffic is the core of the Internet. Imagine having a store opened in the middle of nowhere with no one passing next to your store. You’d never make a sale. Right ?

Solo Ads traffic is email traffic. If you purchase from me, lets say 500 clicks, I will send an email to all my subscribers with only your link in it. I usually deliver minimum 10 % Overdelivery ( Bonus click amount on purchased clicks ) so you will get from me approx 550 Unique Clicks ( raw click is click from someone who clicked more times on your link and they don’t count in the final click count ).

Now, no Solo Ads vendor can guarantee sales. They can only guarantee it if they buy from you directly.

If you are looking for quick sales and focus your energy on making initial sales with traffic you bring to your funnel, I suggest you to find another traffic source. Solo Ads are not about initial sales. It’s about building long term relationship with your subscribers, gaining trust and helping them ( so they can help you ) toward mutual success !

That being said I will list here some things you MUST have/do before your first Solo Ads order.

1. Landing Page

This one is obvious. You must have the offer on which you want to drive traffic and capture leads. IMPORTANT: If you are running Solo Ads to your page make sure that it has an optin form.

Many of our clients insisted on sending the traffic directly to sales/affiliate page. This simply doesn’t work because of the reason I already mentioned. Solo Ads are not about initial sales, it’s about building long term relationship with your mailing list.

2. Autoresponder Service

Now when you know that you must build a list, you need a software which you are going to use to send your emails in bulk. There are two types of autoresponders. Self Hosted and third party software like Aweber, GetResponse, TheConversionPros etc.

Every Autoresponder has an option to create custom forms. After visitors submit their email address in the form on your page, you can start to send them emails.

3. Advanced Tracker Service

Before you purchase Solo Ads from a vendor, make sure that you have proper tracking software in place. You use tracker for almost any link you use when you interact with vendors.

There are multiple third party software’s like ClickMagick, Qliker you can use in that purpose, there are self hosted solutions as well. For example we are offering self hosted tracker setup for a really cheap price. Contact me via Email or Facebook

4. Hosting and Domain

You can successfully run Solo Ads without hosting, but the benefits of having your own space on the Internet is invaluable. You can host unlimited number of pages, funnels, salespages. In some cases you can even host your email marketing software on your hosting.

Domain name is a name that represents your business on the internet. It must be appealing to the visitors and show professionalism. Choose it wisely.

These were 4 Things You Must Have Before Running Solo Ads Campaigns. Starting with Solo Ads doesn’t have to be necessarily hard. Armed with the knowledge on this post you can successfully run Solo Ads and start building your email list!

In my next post I will speak about Basic Solo Ads Industry Terminology so you will have more of your questions about Solo Ads answered.

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