How To Safely Buy Solo Ads ?

In this post we’re going to speak about the process of buying Solo Ad.

First and most important thing is to set your funnel up and running. Make sure that every aspect of the funnel is working flawlessly to avoid losing traffic you purchased.

When you’re sure that everything is ok with your funnel, you need to find a reputable vendor from who to buy good traffic. You are going to do that by researching Solo Ads Testimonials groups on Facebook.

Just type on Facebook Search Bar: Solo Ads Testimonials and you should get the content of this link. Note that content of Facebook changes for each person individually ( Meaning: not all of us see the same content when we click on same link ). The power of Facebook, a ?

You should join only groups that have much members and/or recent posts. Recent posts mean that group is active and that you can “trust” posts in it.

People who sold clicks are getting testimonials in these groups and if you find good testimonials, you’re narrowing down persons who can be your vendors.

Even if you buy clicks from one of the most reputable vendors like Marija Stevanovic, it still doesn’t guarantee that your page is going to have good optin rate and/or generate front end sales or commissions.

Sales and commissions are coming in at random time, from random people on mailing lists. Vendor doesn’t have that much power to control his/her list buying power. With the best email sent out or the best copy written to introduce your offer to vendors mailing list, there is still no guarantee of any sale or optin.

Do I say this to rid us ( vendors ) of any responsibility when delivering traffic ? The answer is: No ! It’s simply how things work. There is no guarantee of anything in Solo Ads and vendors who do guarantee are lying to you and it’s a very good example from who NOT to buy Solo Ads.

We at never guarantee results. We guarantee 100 % human traffic ( as weird as it may sound 😀 ) and minimum 10 % overdelivery ( If you buy 1000 clicks, you get at least 1100 ).

If a vendor you want to purchase from, guarantee results like sales or optin rate, that’s first red flag ( at least in my opinion ) of a scammer.

Vendor can’t possibly know who will subscribe or buy so he can guarantee any results.

When contacting Solo Ad vendor there are some questions you may ask and they can be honest or not honest about, but the most important question is: Did you send to this offer recently ?

Most Solo Ads vendors ( Including us ) write their own emails and you should let them do it. If by any chance you want vendor to send out your email copy, make sure your copy is brief and to the point. Instead of sending copy of fifty rows of text and links, make a copy of ten to fifteen rows.

Basically, Solo Ads are testing, testing, testing. You test offers, test traffic, test landing pages. When you find the right combination of the three and good vendors you almost can’t fail.

One thing that I find mandatory, when running Solo Ads is to set your list for Single Optin. I understand that with single optin you will get more bounced emails, but you in the long run is better. Solo Ads visitors are lazy and they will barely click on your Confirmation Link in your Welcome Email.

You will have more subscribers and if you put a bit of effort to cleanse your list of bad ( non clicker ) subscribers, you will receive more subscribers than with Double Optin.

Hope this helps you. I will post more usefull content and tips for solo ads and also will offer soon a list of vendors to avoid and vendors that are safe.

Until next post,

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